People Say

Have a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

“Working regularly with my coach helped me become much less reactionary and much more strategic.  Talking through various workplace challenges, Angela helped me see them in a different light and work on them at a different level.  Improving these skills has made me a better executive and leader.”
     – D.L., Vice-President, Canadian insurance company

An instant sense of peace and self-understanding that fosters your own growth.  Angela made me see how I can use the process easily over and over again. This has allowed me to see me in ways I had not before. This process has a way of having you understand your narrative of life and your vernacular as a way of seeing what is meant for you.”
     – M.P., Delivery Manager, major global technology and consulting corporation

The coaching sessions were very effective at providing me with the tools I need to quickly de-personalize a conflict situation – thereby allowing the focus to remain on the facts, and finding a solution that will work for everyone. I learned how to determine and differentiate the communication styles of my colleagues and staff, enabling me to tailor my own communication style to match theirs. This results in a deeper level of understanding on my part, as well as letting the other person feel like they are being “heard”.
     – J.T., Director, Federal Government Department

“I thank you deeply for your time and effort. Your advice has been extremely helpful to my success.”
     – F.C.Investment Advisor, major North American bank